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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Housing Authority have immediate openings?
    No. New occupants are selected from an existing waiting list.
  • How many applicants are on the waiting list?
    It will be necessary for you to call the office to get that information.
  • How does a person get on the waiting list?
    Contact the Office to request an application; one could be mailed to you. Or, go to the Public Housing tab on the web site and download an application. Once the application is completed return it to the office for processing.
  • How much would the rent be for me to live there?
    We are a Federally-Subsidized building. Your rent is based on your adjusted annual income (income + assets – medical expenses + allowances = adjusted income).
  • Is there a minimum rent?
    A minimum rent of $50.00 is required per month.
  • How many units are located in the building?
    There are a total of 60 units (18 one bedroom for two people and 42 for one person).
  • What is the age requirement?
    Since it is a senior building the tenant must be 62 years of age or older.